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    The Local Municipality of


    GANEI - TIKVA, a smalI municipality located some 15 kilometers east of Tel-Aviv, has become one of the most attractive residential zones in the surrounding.

    It was founded in 1949 as a settlement for newcomers from both the east (Yemen, North-Africa, etc.) and from the west (Europe) and initially was no more than an area of scattered huts and small agricul tural units.

    With the increase of the Israel population and the seek for a better quality of life GANEI - TIKVA has turned into a residential locality with both apartment condominiums and private houses. The actual population counts about 11.000 habitants with an expectation of 15.000 by the year 2000.

    Being bordered by an open rural zone (with no industry) GANEI - TIKVA benefits from the living quality of a countryside and yet, is close enough to major business centers to permit an easy access to work and leisure locations.

    GANEI - TIKVA is defined by its citizens as "A little big place". It is small enough to be friendly and tranquil, yet big enough to contain a variety of activities and services as a major town.
    Four schools, a conservatory, a library, and other educational facilities aim to give the best of education to children and adults.
    Numerous public parks and playgrounds justify the name (Ganei-Tikva means in Hebrew: "The gardens of hope").
    Two shopping centers supply all loca1 needs.
    Leisure is a major concern of the municipality. From tennis courts and other sports facili- ties through folk dance and theater groups for various ages via a local choir to boy-scouts -are all to be locally found.
    A special establishment is dedicated for the senior citizens permitting various activities.

    The goal of future years is to add facilities (e.g. a country-club, a theater hall) on one hand and to further improve the life standard of this pleasant and unique locality on the other.